Last updated 08/08/2011

Here are a list of books that I own and use for many of my projects. You might just find a book which is just what you are looking for!

You'll find a description of the book and also a reference to any of my projects that may have used the book.

Cake Chic

Complete Jewellery
Martha Stewart's Encyclopedia of Crafts

Carry Me
Step by step guide to sewing techniques
Fabric sewing guide

Cake Chic - Peggy Porschen
This is a lovely book, I could sit there for hours looking at the cakes. I made the anemone cake in there for my grandmothers 80th birthday and as it was my first time at cake decorating I was so pleased with the result! Peggy's recipies are so easy to follow and has a range of cakes for all abilities. This book also includes recipes for some lovely biscuits. Well I say lovely, I made them again for my grandmother's 80th birthday party, but at the time I had given biscuits up for lent and couldn't eat them. Everybody told me they were very nice and some even wanted the recipe! A wothwhile buy for any budding cake decorator.
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Complete Jewellery - Mary Helt
A charming book with some beautiful projects. It has a tools and materials section at the beginning making sure you are familiar with the equipment you need and what you use each tool for. The book is divided into different types of jewellery making, for example stringing or polymer clay. Each section has an easy, intermediate and advance project allowing you to develop your skills in each type. I have not tried to make anything out of here just yet, but when I do I will have no problem following the easy and simple instructions laid out in clear and concise manner. I can't wait to make and wear some of these pieces of jewellery!
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Carry Me - Yuka Koshizen
This was the first book I bought that was sewing related and it's what has inspired me to get out the sewing machine, dust it off and try to make my own bags, because ..........well I can never have too many bags! The pictures of the bags are nice and big, showing you the inside of the bags too so you can really see what kind of bag you are making. This book includes patterns for you to trace for bags that have curves/non-rectangle. All other bags show you a small plan of the bag pattern with measurements so you can whip up the pattern piece in no more than a few minutes. I am currently making the bag on the front cover, though in a completely different style of fabric.
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Step-by-step Guide To Sewing Techniques - Vogue and Butterick

This a good 'go to' book for when you need some good quality advice. I got this book because it has a step-by-step guide for everything you could think of needing, say from binding and button holes, to interfacing, overlocking and even shoulder pads. A great encyclopaedia of sewing techniques for when you get stuck and need a helping hand!
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Fabric Sewing Guide - Claire Shaeffer
I admit I don't really know an awful lot about different types of fabrics. I could list quite a few of the top of my head, but anything about them....I am no use there. However, with this book I can easily look up a fabric, finding out its fibre content and fabric structure, so I know what to do if I want to use it as a pocket, press it, what type of garment it works best for and so much more. When I eventually move on to making clothes after bags I know doubt will be referring to it so much more with every new garment I make.

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Encyclopedia of Crafts: An A - Z Guide with Detailed Instructions and Endless Inspiration - Martha Stewart