Monday, 15 July 2013

Monday's Muse: Tote Bags!

1. Estellon Tippi Tote Bag - Atterley Road
2. Seaside Tote Bag - Alphabet Bags
3. Pleated Tote Bag - So Happy In red
4. Tote Bag Strictly for the birds - Lynn Britton
5. Oli Cloth Tote Bag Bloom - Dandi
6. Possibilities Tote Bag - Uncovet
7. Lana Tote Bag - Oliver Bonas

I hope you all have had a good weekend and are ready for the week!

It is Monday's Muse time! Well, I have decided to do a Monday's Muse twice a month now as I feel that I will be able to manage that, but trying to do it every week could be pushing it. Anyway, this week the theme is Tote Bags! So I was looking at recent posts from the blogs I follow using the mobile app 'Bloglovin' and one caught my eye! It was a tutorial on how to make 3 different sizes of tote bags but with pocks around the sides. Extra pockets are always handy and I do love finding new bag tutorials!

The post on this tutorial can be found here at Sew4home

Anyway this got me thinking about tote bags, 'What is a tote bag?'

Simplest open bag usually without any pockets or compartments inside and has handles attached towards the middle of each side. However, when I typed in tote bags into Pinterest, well.....the variety was huge. Some more expensive ones come in some lovely fabrics and most often have some extra compartments. So I decided why not do a Monday's muse on tote bags to show them off and give those thinking they may want to make one some inspiration! Enjoy!

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