Monday, 26 September 2011

Monday's Muse: Purple

I guess you would say I have been on a hiatus, not intentionally. For one thing, my computer went on the fritz and took a couple of weeks to fix. I am also in the processing of getting a house which takes up quite a bit of my attention. So one thing led to another and I had to put this to one side, though I still carried on finding time to craft! Hopefully I can now pay attention to this site again!

I thought best to start of on Monday with a nice new mood board for which I chose the colour purple.

1. Purple Cake - Maggie Austin Cake
2. Yarn felt door wreath - ItzFitz
3. Purple Ruffled Bag - Ruta Jasiuniene
4. Dahlia Purple Chair - Horchow
5. Purple Door - Martha Stewart
6. Keep Calm and Bake On - Pinterest
7. Plum Duvet - Anthropologie

I decided to do the mood board because of the purple door. When I saw it I loved it and it makes you think, doors can be made to be made statement piece or the hero of the room (hero, a popular word the Australian TV programme renovators absolutely love to use - it is a great programme if you get a chance to watch!). I love this colour palette, purple can be rich and luxurious or light and refreshing. I just love the 'Keep calm and bake on' sign. I will have to get one for my kitchen when I move.