Sunday, 31 July 2011

If Mary Poppin's comes calling, I have a new bag for her!

Well I have finished off my second bag! I am really pleased with this bag as it is more practical then the last one. Is it much bigger, so I can fit nearly everything in it but the kitchen sink, though it doesn't look bulkly. It could almost be like a modern day Mary Poppins bag!

Making this bag also incoporated two new sewing techniques that I have never done before: a zip and a pocket. I really choose the wrong type of zip for this project, the actually zip is too big so when it came to sewing it on I had difficulty with the presser foot. It wouldn't go over it, so I had to lift it up and slide the zipper along. This lead to a slight movement in the fabric so the stitch went slightly wonky at that point. However, I have learned from this.....choose a small zip for the future! (Though I will need to over come this problem some day so I will have to look in to it)

The pocket isn't the tidiest thing in the world, but then this had the zip attached to it, so it never had a great start to it anyway. The rest of the bag is really good, though I really need to take my time finishing and executing my sewing as this will improve the overall end project.

This bag was made using the pattern found in the book called Carry Me by Yuka Koshizen (My review on the book can be found HERE. It is called the Granny Bag, the bag on the front cover.

Yesterday, I helped out as a first aider at a craft fair at Kedleston Hall. When we were on breaks we could have a wonder around the fair and take a look at the exhibits. There were some really great stalls and some dedicated crafters there, but most of it was out of my price range. However, I did stumble across a stall that had some lovely buttons and well...I just couldn't help myself. I bought quite a few, and spent a bit too much on them as they were buttons, but I didn't indulge in buying anything else there. My button jar is starting to fill up with some great buttons for when I need them.

The main attraction for the craft fair was the chainsaw wood sculptures. There was an arena with many stalls around it, where the chainsaw sculpters were sculpting some huge pieces. During the day, there were two sessions where all the sculpters would go into the arena and have to sculpt something in 30 mintues which would then be auctioned off afterwards. Now, some went for a hefty price ( a few over £200), but they were good for just 30 minutes work. I think though chainsaw sculpting is not something I plan to pick up, I shall leave that to the professionals.

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