Sunday, 3 July 2011

Upcylced fabric flowers and Tutorial

My first meeting with Sew Much Fun in Nottingham was to make upcycled fabric flowers. The concept was to take a scrap of fabric or an unwated piece of clothing and upcyle it into a lovely flower. It was a great night and I made two flowers.

For those that want to know how I made them, well here is a small tutorial.

1. Take a piece of frabic and cut a piece 22" by 3". You can vary this size depending on how big you want your flower. My blue flower was made with a piece of frabic this size.

Sewing the two short ends together
2.Then fold the fabric in half so that the two short ends meet with the right sides of the fabric together. Then sttich along the 3" edge to sew the two small ends togther.

3. Once sewn together, turn inside out so the right side of the fabric is on the outside and fold in half all the way around, so the long edges meet.

Sewing a running stich

4. As you are sewing pull the thread to bunch up the fabric. This is much easier if you do it as you go along, then if you leave it till the en

5. Once it is bunched together, sew the middle together so it remains bunched up.

6. Choose a button to go with the flower and sew this on to the front of your flower.
Pulling the thread and fabric together

7. Cut a small circle out of felt and either glue this on the back or carefully stitch onto the back, but make sure you stiches do not show on the front.

8. Now it is up to you what you do with the flower. I put a badge clip on mine and can be used as a stand alone brooch or as an accessorie...perhaps for a bag ;) You could also attach a magnet and jazz up you fridge.
After sewing up the middle, sew on a button

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