Sunday, 17 July 2011

Two new books, plus some great bargins = great day shopping!

I went shopping yesterday really with no intention of buying anything craft related, but I stumbled into Waterstones and couldn't help going to have a look at the craft/design/d.i.y section whilst I was there. There was one book that really caught my eye and when browsing through it I knew I wanted to get it, but then I saw the price....£20. Yes, I know this isn't an awful lot for a book, but I hadn't planned on buying anything and so I put it back on the shelf. I then had a thought, you never know The Works may have it.

Unfortunately they didn't, but they were having a big sale on and I found another great book - Complete Jewellery by Mary Helt,  for only £3 when the original price was £17. For such a cheap price and such a great book with loads of projects I just couldn't leave it there. I also picked up a few other bits and bobs, like an A3 cutting mat, an A4 sketch pad, a pack of four 5x7" canvas (which I already have an project in mind) and some small craft pegs, all at bargin prices.

However the book in Waterstone was still playing on my mind, so I came home and got it for half the price in Waterstones from Amazon. I have bought Martha Stewart's Encyclopedia of Crafts: An A - Z Guide with Detailed Instructions and Endless Inspiration. Now I just have to wait for it in the post, lets hope it doesn't take to long!

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