Tuesday, 12 July 2011

I simply could not stop - I had to finish it.

Title quote from Alton S. Tobey.

Hooray! I have finished making my first ever bag. It is one of Amy Buttlers lovely designs - for the pattern I bought below:


This sewing pattern can make 2 bags, a shoulder bag and slightly smaller version as a handbag.

The fabric I used was a lovely taupe brown with a modern flower tree design to it from Ikea, and as it is a home decor fabric I did not need to using an interfacing except on the pockets inside. Nice and simple :)

I am quite pleased with it seeing as it is my first attempt at making a bag, and as I do love bags what difference does one more bag make...I can never have too many! Still, the finishing seam sewing the interior to exterior could have been neater, it is certainly something I need to improve on for next time. You will notice that I made some additions to orginal design on the bag, my fabric flowers!! One of the flowers is not in the fabric of the bag's exterior, but instead of the lining fabric to add more white colour to the outside and I found some lovely buttons in Fabric Land for the centres. Great excuse to buy some more buttons!!

On another note, I made my pinhole camera! It was really easy and quick to make so I would recomend it to anyone who is interested in trying out pinhole photography, but does not want to spend a fortune on a camera. This is an inexpensive camera that seems to be very sturdy! However, you'll have to wait for my opnion on how well the photographs turn out!

When I finished making the camera I had one of those moments when you discover some left over objects that you think you should have used in the construction but somehow there they are sat in front staring at you. Luckily I worked out that the two left over elastic bands are to just put over the camera to keep the back from falling out of the camera when you have loaded your film. I gave a big sigh of relief when I worked that out, as I wasn't to sure I would be able to take it all apart if it was needed inside the camera!

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