Monday, 4 July 2011

Big tea cup from Ikea

Went to Ikea yesterday, not with the intention of buying anything, but they had a sale on with some good bargins. I couldn't resist buying this plain white big tea cup and saucer. It was only £1.99, half price and so much could be done with it, it seemed a waste to walk on by and leave it there.


It is just begging to be experimented with, and I think I will make it into a nice candle as well as decorating the outside. I may just go back and by another to make them a pair.

Whilst I was there, I also bought 3 pairs of different size scissors for 70p and they will always come in handy, a glass jar for 91p to store buttons and a nice big massive lamp with bulb included for £2.50. Now I won't have any trouble seeing what I am doing. Just going to have a look turned out to be quite good!


Erin @ In Between Laundry said...

Fun! I love IKEA! How about adding poles, sticking them in the garden and using them as bird feeders?

Truthwithin said...

That is such a good idea! Shame I live in a flat with no outside space :(

I shall remember it for the future!!