Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Always to hand!

In between making my current project, I have also been making a vendor style apron to use when making projects - so hopefully I will always have a pair of scissors to hand or a pen if I suddenly need one.

I made it with Mad About Pink's vendor scarf tutorial found HERE,

Like Mad About Pink, I used a scarf for the main fabric. However, as I do like to buy many scarfs (I'll admitt, I am a bit of a scarf addict. I'll have to start knitting myself some!), I had a quite a collection to choose from though at the same time I had a dilemma. Which scarf would I actually be willing to cut up? I eventually came to a decision, but the scarf I went with was a thin one, so to give the apron a bit more shape and support I used some interfacing as well. I think I should have used a slightly lighter weight interfacing as my edges are a bit bulky, even after trimming the seems.

Anyway I am pleased with the overall effort and shall put it to good use!

I should really invest in a dressmaker's mannequin. Then I would be able to present and photograph items like this better. Oh well, I will just have to keep an eye out on eBay for when a cheap one comes along and try to snap it up quickly!

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